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Who is Phishcop?
Phishcop consists of volunteers whose mission is to contact the owners (or ISPs) of web servers that have been compromised and are being used to host illegal phishing sites. We encourage owners of these hacked servers to replace the phishing files with our warning pages rather then simply remove the sites altogether. This provides an opportunity to educate the would-be victims of these phishing sites. Anyone who runs across phishing files on their server are welcome to use scam.php and scam.html to replace the phishing files.

We also try to contact the owners of mail servers and other systems that are being hijacked to send out phishing emails.

On the rare occasion that we stumble across some of the data actually collected by the phishing site, we will attempt to notify the victims of a site as soon as possible so they can hopefully deal with the identity theft before the phishers try to use their info.

While we encourage people to send us any phishing emails they receive, www.phishtank.com seems to have a bit more organization when it comes to colating and sharing the information in a more practical manner.

How to protect yourself

Here's a good article from Consumer Reports/Yahoo! explaining several ways to protect yourself and your information:

Trademark Victory!

We just received notice from our attorney that our trademark dispute has been decided IN OUR FAVOR! (YAY!!) Here is a link to the judgement for those who have nothing better to do for the next 3 minutes:


Phishtank RANT!

While I appreciate PHISHTANK.COM in general, I am getting tired of being ignored by them, and their allowing the user 'PhishReporter' to create hundreds of URLs to apparent phishing sites that never really existed in any phishing emails! If 'PhishReporter' would simply use their time to contact the ISP that is hosting the site instead of researching (and submitting) all the virtual hosts for the given server, they would be doing more good than harm.

Statistics: (last updated Fri Feb 5 15:10:00 UTC 2016)
Total unique IP addresses that have visited our web site: 15913
Total unique IP addresses that have visited a fixed phishing site: 93475
Total unique IP addresses that have almost executed a trojan: 25242
Total emails submitted to 'submit@phishcop.net': 0

who's in your wallet?

Interesting web pages and articles on phishing and identity theft

fundsnetservices.com - Dec 4, 2009 - A blogger warning his reader about a Walmart Survey scam
C|NET - March 31, 2006 - Fighting fraud by baiting phishers
CNN - May 9, 2005 - Steps employees can take if their information is lost

Please submit emails you've received to submit@phishcop.net so we
may help rid the Internet of phishing scams!

(it is best to forward the emails as an attachment)

If you have any comments or questions, please email us.

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